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Mint is one of my favorite plants. Its easy to grow, abundant, and can be used as food, medicine, flavoring, and a mighty boost for witchcraft. When I say abundant, I mean it. Its one of those plants that really needs to be in a planter unless you want a whole yard of nothing but mint. I know because I have wild mint all over our yard and no matter how much I harvest, it continues to spread. To use it up, I found over 65 Ways to Use Mint around my home.

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Ways to Use Mint

A simple Mint Infusion – or mint tea if you prefer. Add fresh or dried mint to boiled water and let set 3-5 minutes. Strain and enjoy for delicious taste and medicinal benefits.

Add to Iced Tea – what could be more refreshing than minty iced tea on a summer day? Up your game by brewing your tea and mint together in a gallon jar outside allowing the sun to do the hot work for you. Strain, add ice, and enjoy.

Add to Lemonade – especially good with other herbs like lemon balm, lavender, or bee balm.

Mint ice cubes – freeze fresh mint into your ice cubes to add a decorative touch to your drinks.

Mint Julep – I’m from Kentucky and I’d be remiss as a southern girl who grew up with the yearly Derby if I didn’t mention this iconic drink.

Mojito – my favorite! Muddle some fresh mint and a little lime juice, add ice, your favorite rum and top with seltzer or soda.

Simple Mint Syrup – dissolve equal parts sugar to water in your mint infusion. Heat to thicken. Use to flavor and sweeten your hot chocolate, mochas, and other drinks. Refrigerate when not in use.

Mint Infused Honey – if you’re trying to knock our processed sugars, consider brightening up your desserts or drinks with mint infused honey.

Leprechaun Shakes – add mint (herb, extract, or syrup) to vanilla icecream and a lil green food coloring (optional) for a refreshing fairy treat.

Smoothies – mint, spinach, banana, yogurt, and almond butter to make you a mean green machine!

Mint Extract/Tincture – fill a glass jar with fresh mint leaves and cover completely with 100 proof vodka. Cap and let set 4-6 weeks, shaking daily. Strain and use as flavoring or medicinally.

Candied Mint Leaves – dip individual leaves in a simple syrup and let dry and crystallize.

Chocolate Covered Mint Leaves – dip fresh mint leaves in chocolate and chill. Enjoy or use to decorate other desserts. My favorite is mint with dark chocolate.

Mint Jelly – traditionally added to lamb…not that I’ve ever understood why.

Mint Peas – a classic English dish.

Mint and Lime Dressing – this one from Weekend Herb Blogging is a great, but simple addition to your side salad.

Mint Riata – a refreshing yogurt sauce to accompany kebobs and other dippable dishes.

Tzatziki – my favorite sandwich dressing.

Add to Salad – other than the dressing, add the fresh mint leaves directly to your salad greans. Great when combines with more bitter greens like arugala.

Add to Salsa – especially fruity salsas like mango, for a refreshing kick.

Add to sandwiches – a great mix of wild greens or a variety from your garden including chives, basil, oregano, etc with mint for a unique twist. Especially yummy with chicken or turkey.

Add to pasta – mmm mint and basil pesto.

Mint Cheese – blend into cream cheese, brie, or a soft goat cheese.

Eggs – mix directly into your scramble or fold into an omelet.

Chutney – kinda like the jelly only super yummy with hot peppers. Add to your cream cheese and spread on a cracker for a fabulous snack.

Mint Marshmallows – who doesn’t love mint and chocolate (besides my in-laws, haha)? Toss some mint flavored marshmallows in your hot chocolate to make it extra special.

Add to your favorite recipes for

Icecream – while mint chocolate chip ice cream gets the populatiry, I’m personally a big fan of Peppermint icecream but sadly can only find it around the winter holidays.

Cream Cheese Mints – I adored these lil after dinner treats as a kid. I thought fancy restaurants had a monopoly on them until I realized I could make them at home.

Mint vinegar – great for making dressings, tincture alternative for those who can’t use alcohol, and a fantastic wash for your hair (add rosemary for more hair benefits).

Mint Essential Oil – you can easily buy essential oils from nearly every non-toxic plant nowadays. Mint, and mint variety, oils are easy to come by because the Mint Family of plants is full of aromatic volatile oils! Use medicinally or for fragrance. I get my oils locally at Aromagregory in Nashville.

Massage Oil – infuse sweet almond or apricot kernel oil with dried mint or add a few drops of mint essential oil. Use it to give or receive an uplifting massage. Avoid mucous membranes and genitals. Be sure to research herbal remedies before you use them medicinally.

Mint Aloe – to soothe a sunburn, mix aloe gel in a mint infusion and spritz on the burn. Repeat as needed.

Mint Steam – add your mint to a bowl of boiling water. Place a towel over your head and lean over he bowl so that your head and the bowl are tented by the towel. Breathe deeply and allow the menthol in the mint to clear out any sinus blockage or congestion you have.

Mint bath salts – the easy way would be to add mint or mint essential oil to epsom salts and use as is but I like to up it a notch. Warm some coconut oil, add 20 or so drops of mint essential oil then mix in equal parts epsom salt (or a blend of epsom salt and Pink Himilayan salt). Talk about some relaxed and moisturized feet when you add a scoop of this to a foot bath at the end of the day!

Mint sugar scrub – similar to the salts but use sugar instead of epsom salts.

Mint lip balm – I love the tingle minty lip balms leave on my lips.

Lip scrub – same recipe as the sugar scrub but use it on your lips. Scrub away dead skin, wash off, and apply lip balm. I like to do this at night after I brush my teeth. The next day I have kissable lips ready for lipstick or going all natural.

Mint and Pine Headache Salve – infuse sweet almond oil with dried mint and pine resin. When ready, strain and mix 2 parts infused oil with 1 part melted beeswax. Pour or store in a tin or glass jar. Rub on your forehead and temples when you have a tension or sinus headache.

Mint soap – you can make your own or buy some custom soaps from my friend Julia at Aragorn’s Apothecary.

Shampoo bars – Wellness Mama has a very simple how to guide just for these.

Mint toothpaste or tooth powder – we’re used to having access to mint flavored tooth paste. If you want to make your own dental scrub blend baking soda and peroxide with a drop of mint essential oil or extract. It both freshens breath and whitens teeth.

Breath spray – no lie, this always makes me think of Steve Urkel preparing to kiss his crush, Laura Winslow. Am I showing my age?

Body Butter – I prefer body butter to lotion for staying power and luxurious feel. Mountain rose herbs has a Peppermint Cloud recipe that sounds divine.

Body wash – feeling clean with mint isn’t just for your teeth!

Lotion bars – this recipe at Three Acre Farm doubles as a lip balm and lotion bar using chocolate peppermint!

Hand sanitizer – I’m not a fan of overly sterile environments but sometimes its necessary and a sink with soap and water isn’t always available (like at the petting zoo). You can add mint to your usual hand santizer or make your own with aloe vera gel or glycerine, alcohol, and essential oil (did you know many essential oils like mint eo are antimicrobial?).

Deodorant – I started making my own deodorant years ago when the natural ones on the shelf weren’t cutting it and I was allergic to the ones with artificial fragrance and aluminum. Here’s a great guide to show you how.

Strew mint leaves near doors and windows to keep out pests like ants.

Mint incense – great for money, abundance, cleansing, and healing magic.

Potpourri – you can add mint and other herbs dried in a bowl for a faint scent in a room or put on the stove with some water on low heat to fill the kitchen and rest of your home with fragrance. Make sure if you go the stove method you keep the water topped off and your heat low or you’ll have a burnt mess on your hands.

Air freshener – add mint extract or some mint essential oil and water and a spoonful of alcohol to a spray bottle. Spritz around an area when it needs to be freshened up (great for when you can’t burn candles or light incense like in a dorm room).

Mint vacuum powder – mix dried mint or essential oil to baking soda and dust your carpets and rugs before vacuuming.

Candles – you could scent candles with mint essential oil or add pressed dried mint leaves to a glass and create your own candles by adding a wick and wax over them for a unique look.

Dream pillows – while most mint is stimulating, some, like peppermint, can also be relaxing especially if anxiety or tension headaches are keeping you from getting rest.

Sachets – put mint in a cotton bag and place in closets, drawers, or anywhere that gets a little musty. I love pairing mint with rosemary and lavender for this purpose.

Feed rabbits the stems from your mint or add them to compost

Ways to Use Mint

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