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Welcome to A Witch and Their Garden! Every month I will be showcasing a the garden of a witch along with their thoughts, tips, and advice on keeping these green allies. Today, I begin with Raechel Larsen and her potted pretties!

How did you start gardening?

I started gardening when my sister bought an indoor greenhouse, and enlisted me to help with her baby plants. I hadn’t ever been interested in gardening or plants before, I had killed my share of succulents and houseplants, and was pretty much convinced I had a “black thumb.” My sister let me know I was probably just overwatering everything, and showed me what to look out for. Once I successfully didn’t kill a plant, I became a lot more interested in gardening and plants in general.

Your favorite garden plant(s)?

My favourite garden plants are, in no particular order, rosemary, borage, fuschia, and begonia’s. Rosemary is my go to for protection and one of my first plant allies. Borage is a wonderful fix-everything, bring-in-the-bees, and look-good-doing it plant. My love for fuschia and begonia’s comes from my grandmother. She always had hanging baskets of these flowers out in the summer when I would visit, so happy memories are very much connected to them.

What problems have you had with your garden?

I have had problems with maintaining happy plants while they are pot bound. It is easy to over water, and under water when plants are left in pots. They can’t mingle and support each other like they would in the ground, and building healthy soil requires me to regularly repot my plants.

What do you wish you had done when you started gardening?

I wish I had planned for a container garden better. While I do try to make sure my plants are well-taken care of, I was a little overzealous when buying plants. Just because I *can* keep a dwarf peach tree in a bucket on my balcony doesn’t necessarily mean I *should*. I also wish I had started more plants from seeds. There is just something different about watching the whole growing process.

Favorite gardening tips/advice?

The best gardening tip I have is listen to your plants. See what is working and what isn’t for your plants. I have several plants who have very specific watering and shading needs that directly oppose what the plant should want.

What are your future garden plans?

Future gardening plans are quite ambitious. I have plans to buy land, and start a permaculture food forest. Lots of perennials and weeds. But until I am no longer apartment-bound, I am content with my houseplants, various herbs, and dwarf peach tree.

Raechel Larsen is new gardener who has dreams of a medicinal garden, and fresh tomatoes. Currently tending houseplants and a balcony garden that threatens to take over the whole apartment. Passionate about weeds, pollinators, ivy, and ground cover that isn’t grass.

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