You know how most homeschooling and parenting resources are Christian or Secular and there’s so few places out there for Heathen, Pagan, and Polytheist families?
I created Tea and Pumpkins to share not only how my Heathen family lives with devotion to the Gods, Ancestors, and Nature but also to gather and share other resources to help your family do the same!

My husband, Pumpkin, and me before we moved from Alaska to Tennessee.

I’m December Fields-Bryant – a SAHM homeschooling my little Pumpkin while my husband (Damon) and I walk a path closer to nature, our ancestors, and the Gods. It takes a lot of tea, prayer, and journaling to keep me going.

When I started down this life path, I had a really hard time finding resources to help me as a wife, parent, and pagan-polytheist. I found myself scrabbling through tons of herbalism, witchy, parenting, and spirituality blogs and trying to find a way to put together all the info I scrounged up like creating a puzzle with mix matched pieces from different puzzles. As I shared my fledgling insights, I discovered I was not alone – there are other mamas like myself just wishing someone would show them how to aid their child’s colic or figure out homeschooling with a nature-based, polytheist world view.

I’m no Expert, I’m an Experiment

Before we go forward, I just want to say I am like you. I’m not en expert on parenting, paganism, or anything else. In fact, I’m a college drop out. What I am on the other hand is an avid reader, a ready experimenter, and someone who gets a little obsessed with certain topics that interest me – parenting my pumpkin, witchcraft, herbalism, and my devotion to the Gods being some of those topics. I’m an experiment willing to share my journey.

My Work

You can see my work in the following sites and publications:

Mooky Chick
Walking the Worlds Winter 2016 edition
Pagan Veiling as a Mom for Primordial Willow
WitchVox Pagan Parenting 
Every Day Magic: A Pagan Book of Days from Moon Books
5 Convincing Reasons to Eat Your Placenta for Ecocentric Mom
Stone, Root, and Bone from Hagstone Publishing – you can read my author interview with them here.

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