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The other day on Twitter I created the following charge to encourage Ancestor Veneration Activism for people wanting to do magickal activism to help sacred protesters and effect lawmakers.

“Witches! Especially those with white ancestors. Especially those with white slave owning, racist ancestors.
Get your house in order.
Go to your ancestors and ask the ones who want to do right, right now, to help you make a change in this world.
This helps heal your line.
Why does that matter in the here and now?
It’s hard to walk forward if our legs are still wrapped in the barn wire of our ancestors’ wyrd , actions. If we’re still bleeding out from the pain they caused it’s harder to fight in the now.
Healing ourselves and our own line helps heal the world of the damage that was done.
Everything is interconnected.
Besides, no one, no spirit or God is as invested in YOUR healing, success, and honor as your ancestors who want to see their lineage doing something good.
They have your back! In the protest they will do what they can to protect you.
Heal so that you can heal and rebuild a system founded on the same gore as your bloodline.
When you do spells for sacred protesters and hexing white supremacy, light a candle for your beloved ancestors (those that want to help) and ask for them to lend their hands to your work.”

My friend Michelle of Hagstone Publishing shared and added that this was also necessary and that “right work” (like protesting and marching) is the final action to follow up the magickal healing that we start with here. I agree.

After posting I got a few people asking me exactly how to do this. While I did a workshop on Ancestor veneration and mentioned how to approach the ancestors there and also have a post about “Bad Ancestors” I thought a video sharing exactly how I do this might be in order.

Of course, do what is right by you and your ancestors, no matter if it looks like how I do it or not.

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