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Last weekend was Shadowmoot – an even put on by Raven Moon Hearth, a local Heathen group. I was honored to be able to present what I’ve learned over the years about working with the Ancestors and beloved dead in a workshop. As promised, I am now sharing my Ancestor Veneration Workshop Notes.

Ancestor Veneration Workshop Notes - cemetery scene

Walking the Bloodlines

Ancestor Work in the Heathen and Northern Pagan Traditions

Blurb: December Fields-Bryant (TeaAndPumpkins.com) shares the importance and purpose of Ancestor veneration. She shares how working with Hyndla and magical journeying through personal bloodlines can aid in connecting to and learning from the past so that we can better practice our faith and virtues in the future.
Content Warning: While this class does refer to lore and ancestral practices of Northern peoples, there is also a heavy amount of UPG and Group Gnosis.

I am currently creating and seeking beta students for a Green Witchcraft course! This course compiles herbalism, witchcraft, and spirit work into one collection of lessons. Since it is currently in beta, and to thank my beta students for trying it out and giving me feedback, I am offering it at half price. Email me at TeaAndPumpkins(at)gmail(dot)com if you are interested.

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