“December has been a professional Tarot reader since 2009, reading at such events as Johnson City, TN’s Blue Plum Festival and Anchorage, AK’s Three Baron’s Renaissance Fair. Her readings have been called “scary good” & her bubbly attitude is only outdone by her candid, no-nonsense manner of divination & counseling.”

Above is my general tarot reading bio that I created in 2013. Since then I have been on a journey with divination and gone so much deeper with tarot and added in other forms of divination including pendulum dowsing and bone throwing. As my connection with the Gods, Beloved Ancestors, and various Spirits has grown over the years, They become more and more involved in my work. This has helped my divination services for others to become more clear, concise, and developing better advice.

My Services:
All of the following readings are done via email at this time. Not only does this allow me to work around the hectic and fluctuating schedule of being a mom but also gives you a record of your reading that you can go back to again and again as the signs unfold in your life.

$35 – Basic Reading
You will receive a 1000 word write up and images of your reading.
The reading will dive into the issue at hand, your allies and obstacles, and what advice the Spirits have for you.

$65 – In Depth Reading and Witchery
You will receive a 2000 word write up and images of your reading.
The reading will go deep into what is happening for and against you right now, allies and obstacles, and advice as well as a write up of suggested witchcraft, spells, or spirit work that will help you through things at this time. (If you would like spell services, that will be an extra charge depending on the spell required, which can be discussed on a case by case basis.)

For a reading, email me at TeaAndPumpkins(at)gmail.com to get scheduled, receive payment info, and share with me what you would like your reading to focus on.