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Since we started homeschooling our Pumpkin we are always out to look for some fun ideas to help him feel involved in our lessons or ways to make the lessons feel magical. One method we found was a DIY Kid Mailbox.

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DIY Kid Mailbox

DIY Kid Mailbox Idea

I discovered this idea in The Big Book of Homeschooling by Debi Pearl. In it, a mother shared that she started each year by having her children each create a mailbox for themselves. They sometimes got treats from their Dad that he popped in before he left for work in the morning. Sometimes they would put little notes or presents to each other inside. Still other times they would find something related to their lessons. I liked this book and found some good ideas but, heads up, it is heavily Christian, which might clash with some of my Pagan/Polytheist readers.

How We Created the Mailbox and Made it Our Own

I decided that we could make a mailbox as well. We gathered our supplies (an oatmeal carton, watercolor supplies, glue, tape, scissors, and construction paper) and created one the weekend before school began.

DIY Kid Mailbox

Pumpkin chose his favorite colors and I let him loose on the paper. We used Crayola watercolor set. Once he was done, we hung his masterpieces up to dry while he ran around outside and played.

(The picture below includes another water color craft – our weekly rhythm wheel that I discuss in this blog post here.)

DIY Kid Mailbox

At lunch, the papers were dry. We glued and taped them to the oatmeal container that I previously cleaned out. Pumpkin then picked out orange construction paper and I cut out a circle to fit the lid. I also made a flag that I “laminated” with packing tape. (A laminator is on my wish list, hah.) I attached the flag with a push pin. Using jewelry plyers, I bent the push pin’s post and taped it to the inside of the box to prevent it from poking or scratching little hands.

I attached the mail box to the posts of his desk (read our DIY desk makeover here). I used packing tape…a lot of packing tape.

DIY Kid Mailbox

Unfortunately within minutes of taking the time to create and attach, Pumpkin went on a destructive kick as I cleaned up. He dismantled the flag and the lid and put fish stickers all over the lid’s remains. I won’t lie. I was a little upset but have sense seen it as his way of being creative with it. Its a good lesson for me as a Mom to not get too attached to projects or outcomes.

Happy Mail and Pen Pals

The mailbox is in use all the same. I put his weekly flashcards in it on Mondays and the rest of the family puts candy in on occasion.
When we go get the mail he will often ask if there’s anything for his mail box so we put junk mail in there for him to collect and look over before putting it in the burn bin.
We even got our first letter from Pumpkin’s cousin in Kentucky!

If you would like some Happy Mail ideas for your little one’s DIY Kid Mailbox or for them to send to beloved pen pals, check out my Pinterest Board (and give it a follow if you like).

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