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I recently saw a couple videos from fellow heathens discussing the concept of forgiveness from a modern Heathen perspective. I wanted to throw in my two cents, mention a few things I hadn’t seen mentioned yet, and answer the question: Do Heathens Forgive?

Before I get into it, I want to share the 2 videos that inspired me. Please give them a watch and subscribe if you like these fellas and their perspectives.

Jesse of Midgard Musings is a local Heathen to my state of Tennessee. I love hearing his take on Heathen topics and his videos on the lore. Not saying this because he was the deciding vote on the local chili cook off I won…ahem.

Eric has one of the best channels for Heathens on YouTube. He is blunt, funny, and casual as he explains a multitude of Heathen concepts, lore, mythology, ritual and magical practice, and stories. Definitely give him a like and subscribe.

My Take on “Do Heathens Forgive?”

And of course here is my video on the topic. For those of you who are hard of hearing or have had enough of watching videos, here are the key points I discuss:

*Yes Heathens Forgive BUT we do not as a culture hold to the concept that you MUST forgive to be a healthy, good person and especially not because the Gods tell you to.
*Our Gods do not sit in judgement over us and They certainly don’t always forgive or forgive easily
*A tale of the Gods that we can turn to for an example of forgiveness is that of Sif. When Loki cut off Her hair, He didn’t just say “My bad” and the Aesir brush it off! He not only got Her new hair but also other glorious gifts to heal the bond with the rest of the tribe.
*We live in a largely Monotheist culture that enforces the concept of forgive all even if the offender does not apologize. This is NOT the Heathen view of forgiveness.
*The concept of forgive and forget all no matter what has led to a society that does not know how to properly apologize.
*You may forgive easily those who you have a bond with such as family, those you have Frith with.
*You may forgive easily those who it would be a bigger problem to demand recompense from – such as if it would cause harm to the family or tribe if you demanded it because in this world view you think beyond yourself for the good of the community
*When Apologizing – make up for the wrong done and then some in order to heal the broken trust.
*Whether apologizing or forgiving, healing must be done. This looks different from person to person and in different situations.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you for watching and reading. Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel for more videos and feel free to comment or request other video topics.

May your Gods bless you.

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