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I am slowly teaching myself how to do cross stitch and embroidery. Thankfully I have an awesome friend, Karina, who is masterful at this skill. She creates fun, witchy cross stitch patterns on sale through her Etsy shop. My very first attempt at this was with her Drink Tea Do Witchcraft cross stitch pattern. I thought I’d show you all the process and results more to show off Karina’s awesome work than my own fumbling first stitches.

Witchcraft Cross Stitch

I got an embroidery kit off of Amazon. It contained 100 different colors of DMC embroidery floss, needles, needle threaders, thread clippers, Aida fabric, and 3 different sizes of embroidery hoops. I had no idea what I was doing. I pulled up Karina’s witchcraft cross stitch pdf and then some “how to begin cross stitch” videos on YouTube (my favorite is by Brandon Farris if you’re looking for a laugh).

Witchcraft Cross Stitch

I admit I was ready to throw the whole thing across the room the first hour. I rammed the needle into my thumb. The thread wasn’t cooperating. I had to use the seam ripper twice because I had somehow knotted my threads into the fabric. I guessed wrong on the size because I couldn’t figure out what constituted as a square or space in the fabric (I overestimated so my end result is more spread out than it should be). My first needle also broke (the eye just snapped). It was not my proudest moment.

Witchcraft Cross Stitch

After a break, I returned and it did get easier. For me it certainly was a matter of doing it taught me more than any tutorials I read or watched.

Witchcraft Cross Stitch

I also pestered Karina the whole time with pictures of my stitches. She was super sweet and cheered me on. Once I finished the words and teacups I knew it was way too spread out but wasn’t sure how to make it look less random. I decided I might as well just have fun and play with it.

Witchcraft Cross Stitch

So i got out my kid’s watercolor paints and splashed some purple, green, and teal on there. I saw this done by an artist a long while back (I forgot the name sorry, I promise to come back and update when I figure it out) who watercolors and stitches crystals onto wall hangings. I didn’t expect much but it certainly gave it a fun tie-dye vibe.

Witchcraft Cross Stitch

I added more star stitches than the original pattern to try and fill out some of the empty space created by my earlier mistakes. In all I think its a pretty fair first attempt. My goal is to get a cheap wooden tea organizer and adhere this to the top of it.

Grab Your Witchcraft Cross Stitch Patterns

You can find Karina’s cross stitch work and patterns on her store The Well & Spindle. I’m not affiliated with her professionally, I just think she rocks and she asked that I share my finished products when she sent me her patterns. Her work is super cute and it supports her and her two adorable witchlings so be sure to check it out.

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