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I know what its like to try and scrape up legit herbal info. When I started this path there was some info online and a few books in my local library but it took some deep digging to find things – especially when I had little to no budget to buy books, courses, and trainings. I’m so happy to be able to gather a hefty list of Free Herbalist Resources to share with you all.

Herbal Blog List – here is a list compiled by Herbs by Rosalee of herbal blogs. Its a HUGE list so you’re sure to find something that suits your vibe. Also be sure to check around here on my blog under the Green Witch category for more herbal info.

Foraging Herbs, Podcasts, and YouTubers – Chestnut School has a fantastic list of foragers! Inspiration to get outside and meet the plants where they are!

Northern Tradition Herbal – For Heathens and Northern Trad Pagans, I can’t recommend Raven’s book and site info on herbalism high enough! I adore his book and the website has a lot of free info to help spirit-driven herbalists get started!

The American Herbalist Guild has free webinars and resources for the aspiring herbalist to check out. I just became a student member last year and love this organization so much.

Beans Herbarium has free zines that are so cool!

Free Herbal Books available online:

Check out some of your favorite herbal peeps and see if they offer free resources. Sometimes signing up for mailing lists can get you awesome ebooks, courses, etc. For example, Mountain Rose Herbs offers: Guide to Herbal Preparations

If you have any Free Herbalism Resources suggestions, please comment below and let us know!

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