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In these difficult times, herbalism, holistic health, and healing witchcraft are becoming more and more needed hand in hand with allopathic modern medicine. Not only is herbalism and her sisters energy healing, aromatherapy, etc the “People’s Medicine” it is accessible not only for the poor and those who might have reasons not to want to go to a hospital for political reasons. Green Witches and Street Medics are becoming more common and more a topic of interest. I wanted to share what information I have gathered and encouraged you all to do the same when more information arises. Here are my Green Witch Street Medic Tips and Resources.

A small disclaimer

I am not a doctor or medical professional. I am a certified herbalist and energy worker. The information provided here is for educational purposes only. Take your health into your own hands and take responsibility for your own actions.

Street Medic Info & Resources

Ada Powers created an awesome Twitter thread about protest medics that I highly recommend reading – go do it, I’ll be here when you get back.

Resources they recommend include:
Riot Medicine: A free manual for practicing insurrectory medicine
RosehipMedics Manual – they also have other training information on their site that I highly recommend checking out.
Medic Wiki has a tone of information including group sites to connect with local medics to you and learning how to property eye flush.

Herbalist Info and Resources

Just in time, reknown herbalist 7Song is sharing a Street Medic training video series on his YouTube. “Some things covered in this class include, about getting arrested, Covid-19, prescription medicines, infiltrators, working in stressful situations, basic preparations and working with injured people and other practitioners. It also discusses different types of herbal preparations and when they are most helpful. I will start covering specific herbs more in the next class.”

In their recent newsletter, Commonwealth Herbs shared:
“Herbalism is about community health and we particularly recognize that Black Americans, People of Color, Native Americans, and those living in marginalized communities frequently do not have access to quality, compassionate, and just health care. We recognize that incarcerated individuals and people experiencing homelessness do not have access to quality, compassionate, and just healthcare. These are places we can be of service.
Whether you’re just beginning your journey as an herbalist, or whether you have lots of experience, here are some ways you can use your skills to serve others:

  • start a community free clinic
  • provide emotional support blends to help people deal with trauma, to help people relax after upsetting experiences, to help people build resilience to keep pushing for change
  • start a community health collective in your church or neighborhood, providing care and comfort where you can, as well as helping to resource and distribute food and supplies for those in need
  • provide education in your community to empower more people to build health and resilience
  • make tea for people who are hurting and share it with them, and listen to what they have to say

Even if you only know one herb and how it can help with one thing – that’s one thing you can do to serve the people around you.”

I love this message and in the spirit of doing what I can, I am offering my Herbal First Aid ebook for free. No strings attached, not even an email. Download it for free here:

The books include basic CPR and first aid information, how to create a herbal first aid kit for your family – these processes can also be used for creating a street pack, and some of our favorite recipes.

Witch Info and Resources

I know I said Green Witch Medic Tips in the title and so far I haven’t brought up much witchery but not to worry, I didn’t forget the topic. So far, I wanted to emphasize the physical that goes hand in hand with the metaphysical because both are important and the previous resources help get you the information you need before offering care to someone.

Janet Callahan discussed witchcraft and street healing on her FB live (recording available here on YouTube – be sure to like and subscribe). I loved her bringing reiki/energy healing, crystal work, and more into the conversation. Not only does energy healing work well when you’re not comfortable doling out medicines (herbal or otherwise) and treatment but it requires no tools and can be done literally anywhere at any time.

For witches in the city looking for some craft to help stay safe, I recommend Urban Primative by Raven Kaldera (affiliate code used). It has spell work that can be done on a low or zero budget and ones to help keep you safe magickally in the streets – something we could all use especially sacred protesters.

Also, keep your eyes on the skies when deciding on magical and political action. Some fantastic black astrologers are listed here and are giving updates on the stars and some have great tips on how that plays out politically and in our own lives.

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