Tea and Pumpkins

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Happy Halloween/Samhain! What an amazing month we’ve had! Between pumpkin schooling, halloween partying, and trick or treating, we are tired but so thrilled to have enjoyed such an amazing holiday.

Happy Halloween

Our lil pumpkin was a scarecrow this year. He changed his mind a lot though – Scooby Doo, a witch, a snail, a dragon, and an astronaut were other options mentioned.

Happy Halloween

We had so much fun at the Heroes Wanted comic book store’s halloween party. Not only did we score some comics and candy but we also saw some great costumes, met some very nice people, and got to hang out with our friend Candace who presented Pumpkin with his own Mjolnir!

Thank you Candace! Its beautiful and I know Pumpkin will treasure it!
Happy Halloween

This was Pumpkin’s first year going door to door to Trick or Treat. We went to a couple neighbors then hit the area with the multi-million dollar homes (yes, we got some full size chocolate bars and a lollipop as big as Pumpkin’s face!). I saw a man that looked like William Shatner but didn’t risk telling him that. It was FREEZING out so there were frequent hops back in the warm car with Dad.

After trick or treating, we headed to my sister-in-laws for some chili and hot chocolate and to candy sort with her kid.

Happy Halloween
Pumpkin had some fun with a mask that his cousin’s friend wore.
Happy Halloween - Pumpkin with his candy

He went to bed already planning for next year. Happy Halloween!

How was your Halloween? Did you get to do anything fun? Please comment below!

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