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My response to the Harvard Homeschool Summit as a left-leaning Heathen/Pagan Mom. I’m sharing this because most of the responses to this summit seem to be coming from conservative, Christian families. IMO all homeschooling families should be speaking out against this, especially non-Christian, non-conservatives as the leaders of this summit are claiming that we are all fundamentalist Christian, misogynist, racist, child abusers. Yea, I’m pissed.

Links for more about the Harvard Homeschool Summit

Harvard Homeschool Summmit Problems Politics and Prospects for Reform

Harvard Summit to Discuss Regulating Homeschooling

The Risks of Homeschooling from the Harvard Magazine where homeschool parents are made out to be conservative, Christian, misogynistic, racist, child abusers.

Why We Homeschool – a look at why we chose this path.

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