Tea and Pumpkins

Heathenry Herbs Homeschooling

I am so happy that I can share the joy of making Tea with Pumpkin from wild herbs harvested in our back yard. Not only did he get to make the tea himself but he also harvested many of these herbs right alongside me. Kids are herbalists too.

Herbs we used:
Red Clover Flowers
Wild Strawberry also called False Strawberry
Wild Mint

Making Tea with Pumpkin harvesting wild herbs in the field
Last summer during our rambles we slowly harvested these herbs with joy, together.

I only threw in a little of each – couple flower heads, a lil leaves/flower/fruit of the strawberry, and a few leaves of mint. This tea wasn’t particularly strong and by the time the honey was added it tasted like slightly minty honey water haha.

In the end, this was all about the experience though. Seeing his face light up when I asked him if he wanted to make something with his very own mortar and pestle (made by Daddy) was the whole point. This is part of our homeschool, letting him learn alongside his parents even when the lesson is simple.

What are your favorite herbal recipes or projects you like to do with your little ones? Please share in the comments!

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