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I spent all night walking my sweet baby through the living room and kitchen, singing. I was exhausted but any time I stopped to sit down or lay him in his bassinet, he wailed. I paced and sang every lullaby I knew – his favorite was Once Upon a Dream from Sleeping Beauty/Maleficent. It went on and on until morning dawned and my mother-in-law came to my aid. She diagnosed him promptly – that boy has colic. While she recommended over the counter gas drops, I hunted for natural colic remedies.

Natural Colic Remedies

I discovered I had 2 natural remedied in my house all along – chamomile and peppermint. When infused in hot water (usually separately, not a tea blend I’d recommend for flavor) and then allowed to cool to room temperature, a spoonful of infusion can be given to a baby to relieve tummy troubles.

I tried chamomile first. Steeping a bag of the tea in hot water, I used a dropper to feed him a little bit of the cooled infusion. He drank it right up. I wasn’t sure then if it was exhaustion or the tea that allowed him to finally get some sleep but I was grateful all the same. Later on, I saw him prefer this tea and have used it on into toddlerhood for any upset stomach issues he’s had. Sometimes I serve it warm and plain, other times with honey or mixed in apple juice (depending on if he was feeling fussy).

The next night I tried peppermint. This I diluted because the flavor was so spicy and strong, I wasn’t sure how a new born would handle it. He drank it and we did see some relief. This tea seemed to help him later on when he had indigestion that caused him to spit up or burp more. As he grew, it was even more beneficial when he was trying new foods that sometimes gave him stomach problems.

2 More Natural Colic Remedies

My mother-in-law taught me two other ways to relieve colic in a fussy baby.

Leg exercises. Holding your baby’s feet, gently pump their little legs. Do a variety of movements from bicycling to pushing their thighs up against their bellies. This helps relieve the gas pain and get their bowels moving.
Its also distracting for the baby. We sang and talked to him while we did this to add to the distraction.

Olive Oil Foot Massage. We call this “oil pigs” as in “This little piggy went to market” sang on his toes. (Who doesn’t think baby feet are the cutest things in creation anyways?) Massage their little toes and feet and even their legs with a little bit of massage oil.
This is a trick my MIL learned in the care facility she worked at. We don’t know why it works or if there’s a science behind it we just know it works. Be ready for a diaper full of poop though as this simple massage acts as a laxative – relieving gas and any constipation in our baby.
Later, I adjusted the recipe for “oil pigs” by using lavender infused olive oil. This not only relieved some of the colic but also helped him sleep.
MIL has used this lil trick on over a dozen babies and worked on all of them. I highly recommend.

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2 thoughts on “Natural Colic Remedies: Peppermint and Chamomile Tea

  1. So amazing that you found natural remedies for your babies colic. I’ve been using ginger and peppermint to help nausea for years but I always had chamomile in the headache pile! Good to know that I can add that to my tummy trouble pile too 🙂

    1. Glad to help! While you’re at it, toss peppermint in your headache pile! Its great for headaches caused by tension/stress as well as sinus headaches caused by allergies.

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