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No Quarter for Racism

We stand with the families of the fallen Black Americans who have been murdered by those who claim to protect and serve.
Havamal 127 says to give no quarter to those who do harm. We give no quarter to racists, white nationalists, misogynoir bs, or any variation of hate.

Let us uplift black voices and remember the names of the fallen.
When the protesting is over, remember and vote and continue to uplift and speak out against harm.
Work on healing the land we live on, a country founded and created on the backs of slaves.
Healing ancestral lines harmed by white supremacy. Healing white ancestral lines from the pain that was dealt, healing those ancestors who were colonized and ravaged only to drink the poison and inflict that pain on others.
This is part of healing – get uncomfortable because that is a sign of growth.

Thank you to one of my mentors, Abiola, who did an amazing ceremony to honor the fallen and continues to send love and energy to the sacred protesters in the field.

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