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I am a fan of small altars when you don’t have a lot of space or need something that you can carry with you. Almost all of my altars are either small or have a portable component of sorts. Recently, I was inspired to create one for Eir, Norse Goddess of Healing and Handmaiden to Our Lady Frigga. My Portable Eir Altar was born from an old box and a random desire to play with paints and collage.

As you can, hopefully, see in the photo – the box I used began life as a box for my Green Witch tarot deck. I love some of the images on it and wanted to keep them. I used black acrylic paint to cover the words and designs I didn’t want and give a rougher foundation for my later gluing.

It took a few layers of the black paint and a while for me to decide to go ahead and paint everything but a few images. I also took my time going through my bags of collage bits (papers, loose tarot cards, broken jewelry) to plot what I wanted this altar to look like. I knew I wanted garnets and some sword imagery early on as Eir is a healer but more of a surgeon or triage doctor than a soothing herbalist. She is also a valkyrie and I honor Her as such.

I had a hell of a time with the glue I chose for the tarot card and paper pieces. I ended up having to go back and paint around them as the glue took off those layers of paint there.

I finished the outside and put my Eir novena book by Galina Krasskoca, prayer card, and few other bobbles I have for Her inside. The box now resides on my Frigga and Her Handmaidens altar above my dresser next to a mortar and pestle I only use for Them and Their work.

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  1. Just found your blog – very nice! I love Eir, she was the first Freya sent to guide me after my husband’s cancer (he’s fine).

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