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Right Living Home Buying Update

Why are we Homesteading? It all comes down to right living. For us, that means knowing not only where our food and herbs come from but also being in tune with the land we live on, the spirits of the land, food, herbs, and trees we depend on, and having a place where we can honor our beliefs and build traditions without catering to another’s path.

Buying a our own home, especially a homestead, has been quite the journey. We are happy to share some of that with you as we’ve been asked by several people what this process looks like – honestly, we stay pretty confused about it ourselves and highly recommend reaching out to a mortgage expert in your area that has good reviews or is highly recommended by someone you know and trust. That all said, its hard not to be excited by the prospect of having our own space after years of renting and/or living with relatives.

We hope you enjoy the latest vlog update on our Home Buying process and goals for a homestead of our own. I apologize for the shakiness of the camera – still getting used to carrying it.

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Can’t watch the video right now?
We pretty much discuss each of our reasons for wanting to homestead from food security to right living with land and plant and animal spirits.
We discuss building up Damon’s credit with a car loan and a secured credit card as well as disputing the hits on his credit score.
How the housing market looks at the moment with Covid-19 and its not what we expected.
Lastly a quick tour around the outside of the property we’re hoping to buy and move into this summer (we put in an offer since this video and looking at Mid to late July for a closing date).

Have questions? Feel free to comment below on the blog or on the video. If we don’t know the answer, we will look around for someone who does and ask them or send you their info.

Many Blessings,

December and Damon

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