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It is the Holiday shopping season and as we all seek out gifts for our loved ones, I want to encourage you to consider local, small, and Heathen businesses to buy from. This Small Business Saturday, lets support our Heathen Community.

Heathen Community

Growing up in the Christian church, I heard a lot of ministers and leaders encourage their followers to purchase only from fellow Christians – usually with some admonishment to non-Christians and encouragement to evangelize if you couldn’t find a fellow Christian to patron. While I dislike the other part, I do with Pagans and Heathens would support each other as much as monotheists do.

“We should be supporting our polytheist artisans. What money we decide to spend on non-essentials should, as much as possible, be recycled back into our own communities. It’s one of the things that can help to make a community vibrant and strong. If i could, I would only do business with polytheists. Now, that may not be possible yet and probably won’t be in our lifetimes, but inasmuch as we can, I think we should consider doing so. ”
~Galina Krasskova

Some Artisans of the Heathen Community

The Well and Spindle – check out my blog post on the pattern I got from Karina that I stitched for my very first attempt at cross stitch!

Wyrd Curiosities – Galina’s shop for paintings, prayer cards, and more. I adore her prayer cards so much, they’d make great gifts for the polytheists in your life.

Asphodel Press – for devotional texts and books about the Northern Tradition.

Blagowood – woodwork for your Pagan altar

Deb’s Burnt Offerings – more gorgeous altar pieces

The Slavic Way – Norse and Slavic statues and books.

Norhalla – Heathen children’s books and dolls (we’re getting some things for Pumpkin from here)

The Saga of Bjorn Thorolfson by Eric Sjerven – a family friendly tale written by a heathen who’s YouTube channel and work I really appreciate. My review of the book coming soon (this is an affiliate link).

The Northern Herbalist – teas! (I plan on getting some stocking stuffers here)

If you have or know of a Heathen small business that you would like added to the list – please comment below or email me at TeaAndPumpkins(at)gmail.com

Thank you for reading. May your Gods bless you.

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