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As I light a candle for the third week of Sunwait, I add to it a ritual for the Yule Taboo-a-long. Honoring and giving an offering to Frigga All-Mother and Lady of the Disir is a wonderful thing to do to prepare for Mother’s Night.

For those who don’t know what Sunwait is, check out my previous post on this Heathen Advent.

The Yule Taboo-a-long

The dark time of the year for our ancestors was a time for rest and for indoor activities like spinning, weaving, and related domestic tasks. During this time, us modern peeps might associate the Julfather (Santa Clause) as the bestower of gifts and Krampus as the punisher but he isn’t the only figure our ancestors or other countries associate with winter. Frau Holle and her darker half, Frau Perchta, is also said to bring gifts or punishments. These were for women and girls who did or didn’t complete their fiber arts tasks, respectively.

While we don’t have any specific lore on this topic other than fairy tales, my UPG says this idea originates with Holle and Frigga. When Odin, as Julfather, goes on the wild hunt, Frigga goes on a quieter journey through the homes. She grants blessings on those pious families who have completed their tasks by Mother Night and withdraws blessings from families that are impious or lazy in their actions. One thing about Frigga is she is very interested in industry.

So when I saw that The Cult of the Spinning Goddess (a fiber arts group on Facebook) was hosting a Taboo-a-long for the winter holidays, I perked up. This sounded like the perfect group support I needed to do some fiber art for Frigga…and actually finish it. I admit, I’m not the best when it comes with follow through on projects unless there’s a deadline (even then, I’m usually up all night on the night before to get it done).

My Sunwait Taboo-a-long

The official taboo-a-long doesn’t start until December 1st but I wanted to incorporate it into my Sunwait celebration (plus its easier to plan one night of ritual when my 4 year old is running around).

To prep for the ritual, I did some divination. What should I work on? I’m wrapping up an embroidery project for some ancestor work so that was out (I only have one line left to stitch). I could start on my next embroidery piece but…its kind of complicated and large – too large to complete in 20 days. So I put out a line to Frigga – What do you want, my Lady?
The response was scathing – “Oh, you could finish that devotional you’ve been promising me.”

For those that don’t know – I began putting together a devotional anthology for Frigga back in 2016. Since then, I moved across the country, and then moved some more, and raised my baby into a preschooler. Its been a busy few years and the devotional got put aside for too long.
She had a point, even if the book isn’t a fiber craft…or is it? One of the pieces I wrote for the book is about creating prayer shawls. I played with the piece for a minute during my re-read of what I have and decided this would be perfect for the Yule Taboo-a-long.

I gathered my sunwait candles, gave an offering of homemade apple wine to Frigga, my ancestors, and other goddesses (except for Vor who prefers tea), and got my supplies together for the taboo ritual.

I performed the ritual listed in the event. Following, I sang my hymn to Frigga (also in the upcoming devotional. I’ll do a video of me singing when it gets close to publishing), and got to work crocheting.

I’m making a while crocheted cowl to wear when I honor Her in ritual. It will match my cord and some other pieces I made or am making for Her ritual work – a uniform if you will.

Join the Taboo-a-long

If you’re reading this after we’ve begun, there’s still time. Even making a granny square, a kerchief, or spinning a small handful of yarn in Her honor is a worthy venture. OR, keep with the ancestral ways and finish a project you’ve put off.
Not crafty? Write Her a poem, prayer, chant, or hymn (email it to me at TeaAndPumpkins@gmail.com by the end of 2019 if you want it in the devotional and I’ll send you a copy of the finished book that will be published through Asphodel Press).
Clean your house in dedication to Her and leave Her a holiday cookie and a glass of sweet white or apple wine.
All of these are worthy offerings to our All-Mother.

Happy Sunwait! May your Gods bless you.

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