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A Short Guide To A Bewitchingly Cozy Life

If you haven’t yet heard, the Danish hygge (HOO-gah) is all the rage. Along with other Scandinavian guides to living a good life such as lagom and lykke. These words don’t translate perfectly into English but the general idea for hygge is cozy living, finding happiness in simple pleasures, living in the moment, etc. It isn’t something you can buy but rather something you create. If you look up ways to have a hygge home or live a hygge lifestyle the lists are all generally the same. In this article I’ve attempted to gear a small amount of various suggestions towards a witchy home.

Have you ever gone into a home and felt like it didn’t have a soul? That it was devoid of comfort and a personal touch? Every person finds different elements and styles comforting. Some enjoy minimalism and simple colors whereas others like myself love knickknacks, enormous piles of blankets and lots of rich color and patterns. You can make both of these things hygge. Taking time to invest in your home is key. Whether it’s energy, money or making do with what you have you need to make it yours. It’s literally your home base. It’s the place where you return  each day (in general) and shed the day/night away. The place you need to recharge.

To Start Your Hygge Witchery

  1. Smells.
    Smells can effect us so deeply. They are a shortcut to our memories. If you walked into your home and it smelled like your best childhood memory it would likely  make you feel good. I personally find nag champa comforting as well as the smell of baking bread. Find what suits your senses and work to bring that into your home. Incense, oils (diffused or a diluted dab on your wrists when you walk in the door, wax melts, candles, etc. Even the smell of a clean home can be really nice (my husband loves the smell of lemon Lysol oddly enough). If you’re gone for long hours it may be unsafe to let these go by themselves when you leave. Having them readily available to put on as you walk to your room to change can really help. I often light incense as I walk upstairs to put on my pjs. You can choose scents and such to evoke a certain mood or energy. Cater them to your witchy workings or burn something for your gods or spirits even.
  2. Lights.
    Most hygge lists suggest candles and twinkly lights (even holiday lights work). Both great suggestions. A few candles (even battery powered) strategically placed about can really set the mood. Harsh overhead lights are to be avoided and many small softer lights are considered better for you. Twinkly lights over your altar look so magical and lovely to me and might to you as well. I would also recommend salt and selenite lamps and tea light holders. These create a lovely glow as well as helping keep your home energetically clean. We keep one or both in every room we spend much time in. I have seen quartz, calcite, amethyst and a variety of other crystals carved into lamps and candle holders as well inexpensively. Even a small $5 salt tea light holder can create such a feeling of peace.
  3. Food and drink.
    This one is likely obvious. Who doesn’t like food? Drinks such as cocoa, tea and coffee are the top suggested hygge drinks. In warmer temperatures a refreshing iced tea or punch can also work. Whatever makes you feel cozy and happy. I often see comfort food listed as hygge foods and these can be made with a magical twist. Enchant ingredients or make food according to the properties you find them to hold. Even baking seasonal foods filled with your energy can really change how everyone feels. Note: Read “Like Water for Chocolate” if this concept doesn’t click for you. Make magic in the kitchen! Taking a fika (coffee/tea break) with friends is also very hygge. Make magical treats to eat after a ritual or an infused drink prior to a working. Do not rush! Instead savor every mouthful and deepen your relationships with others over a shared snack or meal.
  4. Magical self care.
    Many hygge lists include a suggestion to hit up the sauna. I am originally from Southern California and I have never seen one of these outside the gym. It didn’t evoke the same feelings I am guessing Scandinavian spas/saunas do. There was no bonding with friends or taking turns pouring water over coals. It was sitting in a steamy tiled room full of quiet awkward discomfort. Instead do some self care at home. Steam up your bathroom with a pan full of specifically chosen herbs that have simmered in hot water and bathe in the infusion once cool, make a sugar or salt scrub for the shower using oils that fit what you’re trying to evoke. I prefer rose everything. I crush rose petals by hand and add the powder to scrubs, infuse oils to rub on my body or add to lotions, etc. They make me feel beautiful and amplify my energy. Find what suits you.
  5. Cozy living.
    You don’t need to be rich to have a cozy home. Thrift stores, garage sales and diy projects can provide all you need. Cushy blankets, lovely wall art or tapestries, lights (as mentioned), pillows to sit against or hug, etc. Perfection is boring. Make it yours. Few things make me more uncomfortable when visiting another’s home than a sterile environment with stagnant energy. Change things up, invest in multipurpose furniture, mix vintage pieces with new to create a balanced vibe. Show yourself in your home. It is your temple.

Leave your drama, problems, etc at the door.

Keeping your home hygge keeps it guarded and grounded. A sustainable source of good energy that you can take in as soon as you walk through the door. Shedding all that is unneeded and unwanted. If you need more hygge the term applies to more than just the home. Take fika outside with friends, make your office hygge, look into capsule wardrobes to simplify your life, go on a nature walk and more. It can be applied to all aspects of your life and enhance your well being. All things in balance.
A special thanks to my soul sister and fellow hygge witch Chris Rogers for being my guiding light.

Meet Our Guest Witch:

Katla Hase is a stay at home kitchen witch and Heathen with two magical babes. Her witchcraft is centered in the hearth and home. She spends her days teaching her kids of the magical and mundane, cozying up in piles of yarn and cooking up nutritious meals for her family.

You can find some of her other work via her blog “The Heathen Homesteader” and as an occasional writer at “Huginn’s Heathen Hof.”

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